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Whether you are a buyer or a seller, who you choose as your agent makes all the difference. From start to finish, and beyond, my level of service, commitment, and dedication result in happy clients transaction after transaction. But don't take my word for it, find out why I consistently receive 5-star ratings from my past clients. Then let's talk.

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“I just bought my first house with Jane. It was an amazing experience with her. I really enjoyed working with her, and I will strongly recommend her as a knowledgeable and spectacular agent. My only reason for giving her five stars is that there is no option to give more than that on this  website. I am a young professional, just started my first job in Silicon Valley after graduation. We were looking for a place to settle down and raise our one-year-old daughter. It is evident that my down payment was low because of my situation, and we had lots of contingencies on our loan. I talked with another agent who was actually a friend of us, and she said we have zero chance to get even a condo in a terrible neighborhood of San Jose. Then I talked with another agent, and they repeated similar words. Until the time that my employer introduced Jane as a real estate agent who works with the company. We signed agreements with her and started looking for places. She never mentioned that we can't purchase a property. She was never disappointed during this process. In such a competitive market she kept putting our offers on different houses. In one instance there were 22 offers on one property. Similar situations happened on other houses too. She always followed up our case even after it has been rejected by the sellers to check if there is any remaining chance. She put offers for us while traveling overseas on Christmas eve and new year. After such hard work, she managed to turn one of our rejected offers into an approved one. We managed to get a FOUR BEDROOM SINGLE FAMILY HOUSE, because of her, while other agents said we hardly have chances for even condos. The neighborhood of our property is also very good, and she kept us far from high crime areas. The sellers were very annoying people together with their agent. It happened multiple times that they set appointments with us, but didn't show up. Still, Jane took care of it and helped us go through this. Even after buying the house, she still helped us to settle down and get some primary works done. At the end, I would like to thank her one more time. I believe our case was one of the hardest purchases a real estate agent may have. But she made it successfully and improved our future.”

S. Feyzabadi

San Jose

“Best Agent Ever!! Hands Down!! I met Jane at an open house that she hosted. Instead of selling good things about the house, she actually took time to understand my need in a very pleasant and natural way, not at all intruding. She followed up afterwards with an inch thick research book she made on  the areas that I've been looking at and provided analysis of some target properties. I was sold instantly and started working with her. It only took us three months to get our dream house, partly because that we have a very clear idea of what we want, but also thanks to Jane's knowledge about the local market, timely manner of handling correspondence, and most of all, reasonable and professional ways of handling negotiation. She's always organized and on top of things, even when she's out on vacation. We made our first offer in the midst of her Europe trip which was planned long ago before she met us. But she kept in touch with us multiple times each day, by SMS, messaging apps, all sorts of social media tools. (Read: high tech. :)) She pushed through the paperwork without delay and provided us with every small details that we needed to know during the process. It made us feel that she was never away. I could only imagine she sacrificed a lot of personal time with her wonderful family on a very expensive trip. I feel so grateful for her doing this. That's great client service. Jane also made the whole experience very personal. I always had the illusion that we were her only clients so I was even a little surprised when I read her reviews here to know she was working with quite a few other clients at the same time. She tried to understand needs from everyone in the family, even the kids and grandparents who were also with us during a few open house visits. She took notes to remember the kids' interests and hobbies. She invited us to a lot of the events (pumpkin decoration, etc.) and send us gifts (pumpkin pies, stamps with new home address, etc.). It's those small nice gestures made us feel much at ease during such a big decision. She made it less stressful. Last but not least, she knows her stuff. She's super familiar with all the processes and documents, area research and complications in certain situation. She helped us to contact land surveyors, and city planning to clarify some of questions regarding the property. Arguably these can be out of her normal scope. She also provided her thoughts on properties when needed and I never felt that she's pushing for a deal for herself.”

Steven Zhu


“Jane is a phenomenal agent and we feel very fortunate that we had a chance to work with her. As first time home buyers, we were new to the process and had to rely heavily on our agent. Our eyes were also set on an Eichler and those gems are not easy to find (or rather get) in the Bay Area.  First of all, Jane is someone you can trust and rely on. She will have your back and work extremely hard to make sure that you feel comfortable with your decisions and do not feel pressured. She's very committed and will go the extra mile for you. She'll climb the fence to retrieve the keys if needed (sic!), she will answer your e-mails on the spot and will do a phenomenal job presenting your offer even if she's on vacation (Jane, once again, thanks so much!). Secondly, Jane is extremely knowledgeable. She knows the Bay Area real estate market inside and out and has a great network of contacts. She also knows a lot about the market for Eichlers (in case you're after an Eichler). Jane was very patient with our questions (and believe me, we had many!) and was always able to provide clear and detailed responses. Every time when she looked at the disclosure schedules, she would send us a bullet point list of things that caught her attention and point out why we should or should not be concerned about them. Finally, Jane is not going to be your agent, she is going to be your friend. She's a lovely person with very warm personality. She will send you pictures of interesting landscape remodels that she thinks you might like. And she will bring you a jar of papaya butter from Hawaii. She will have your back no matter what. In terms of the process, it took us 2 months to buy a house since we've started working with Jane. We went to a lot of open houses and ended up making two offers. We lost the first home to another buyer, but we were very impressed with Jane's ability to extract useful information from the seller's agent about the competitiveness of the process and its potential outcome. She's an excellent negotiator and knows best how to make your offer and cover letter more appealing. She also did an excellent job negotiating our second offer. The seller came up with additional last-minute asks that we wanted to push back on, however, as first time home buyers, we were slightly reluctant to do so. Jane reinforced our gut feeling and stressed that we should do only what we feel comfortable with. We pushed back and ended getting the house. So happy with the result!”

Anna G.


“When I first entered the market, I had absolutely no idea how to sell a house. I didn’t know where to start because I didn’t even know what I didn’t know – I was extremely anxious and hesitant. Jane entered my life first as my realtor, and soon after as a good friend. Jane had  invaluable insight and advice from the start, though in the beginning I was not ready to cooperate. I was lazy and thought that the process would be a slow one, so when I realized the selling timeline was so short, I wasn’t happy. Selling a house is a feat of constant pressure, and I had a number of worries such as who to begin to call for each remodeling task, as well as what to do with my kids that had a couple months left in this school district. Jane went above and beyond the duties of a seller – she put me in contact with contractors with fair prices and was always available to provide advice. Literally always available – I think I called multiple times past 10pm to leave a voicemail, but she always answered and was persistently there for me. Jane is an incredibly kind and genuine human being; her business card should read realtor and therapist! In the end, Jane fulfilled all her promises. She asked me to trust her to take care of certain aspects, and she really turned the house around in a matter of days. By open house, I couldn’t believe how beautiful and updated my old house looked. It sold for an incredible amount, well above the listed price. In fact, it sold for one of the highest prices in my neighborhood. I highly recommend Jane to anyone who wants to buy or sell their house. You won’t regret it!”

Leslie C.


If you have stumbled upon Jane’s website or have been recommended to her by someone, look no further. You’ve landed on pure gold.

We were looking for a place on and off for about 6 months and have had some bad luck with past realtors. We were SO lucky that Jane was recommended to us. We had no  idea what we were signing up for. After our first initial meeting, we knew right away that we were in good, experienced hands. We felt relieved after talking to her. Yes, maybe this time we’ll find a nice home with her help! Anyone house hunting knows the process is gruesome, tiring and spirit breaking. Jane sees it differently and she created an amazing experience for us. She was so sincere, kind and warm. She listened to us and was never pushy about anything. She was an absolute unit when it came to researching, asking smart questions, negotiating and just 100% keeping OUR best interest in mind. She’s got a great sense of humor and would quickly diffuse any anxiety and worry you might have. We made an offer at such an insane, crazy time during the shelter in place order. Everything was madness. Offices were closed or had reduced hours causing our process to delay a bit but Jane was always there to comfort us. Our trust in Jane had us pull the trigger. We made an offer we were comfortable with, and miraculously the sellers accepted! We couldn’t believe how well thought out and tailored her proposal was. We didn’t just get lucky, we got it all because of her quick actions and smart negotiating. We could not have done this without her help. Jane was extremely attentive to our needs and she was always in contact with our sellers and gave us daily updates on where the process was. Covid-19 and stock market numbers really scared all of us to the point of almost backing out, but Jane was there to reassure us every step of the way. We are so glad we trusted her, we love our new home so much.

With Jane, you truly feel like you have a warrior fighting for you. She treats you like family, and that kind of treatment is truly so rare. She does her very best to go bat for you. Jane is always so quick to respond no matter what time it is. She makes it her mission to make sure that she knows the ins and outs of the place you are interested in. She is very smart and quick when it comes down to negotiating. In this competitive Bay Area market, it’s hard to find a good price, but Jane made sure we would not overpay or have too weak of an offer. It will be just right. Jane’s name comes up first whenever we have questions about anything relating to our new wonderful home. Jane’s got that personalized touch about everything she does, and she does it with her whole heart. You can bet that she will be there for you for years to come, not just the end of escrow.

Yen & Nino

San Jose

“My husband and I decided to enter the housing market after a few years of casually looking on the Peninsula and in the South Bay. We're so glad that we partnered with Jane on our search. Jane was an active listener and generous with tips and advice, but did not pressure us to go beyond our comfort zone. Nor did she ever scoff at our naive homebuying or home financing questions. We found it very easy to trust her with information ranging from sensitive financial details to relatively superficial home layout preferences. Here are a few things that Jane did to demonstrate her commitment to us:

  • Jane knew that, due to commutes and family constraints, we would only be able to view properties during a limited window on weekends. She proactively visited broker open houses and did her own walk-throughs of properties to catch details that we missed during open houses and online browsing.
  • When she sensed that we were very interested in one property, she offered to guide us (read: handhold us) through the disclosures and various other documentation as a means of educating us in the process. She took the time to translate technical jargon into layman's terms. She explicitly told us not to feel guilty if we did not feel comfortable bidding, and she had no intention of pushing us to bid beyond our budget.
  • During our formal walk-through, Jane helped identify a couple more minor repairs and was able to negotiate their timely resolution with the seller's agent.

Jane was a true professional -- extremely responsive and attentive during the few days leading up to submitting a bid and throughout the closing process. She made us feel like we were her only clients, even though that was far from the truth! We highly recommend Jane and would gladly work with her again.”

Ellen & Jon


About a year ago, my boyfriend and I setup an initial meeting with Jane. We weren't looking to buy just yet, but as soon to be first-time home buyers, we wanted to get a better understanding of what the process would look like. Jane spent almost an hour talking us through the whole process -  answering all of our noob questions along the way. Most importantly, she understood where we were at at the time and didn't pressure us to start the process right away. 

Instead, we kept in touch via email over the next 6 months or so. She would send us listings every now and then with detailed notes so we could get a sense of what was out there in the market - things to look for, red flags, pros/cons of various neighborhoods, etc.. This lightweight process actually helped us a lot. As we saw more and more listings, we were able to get a better idea of things we liked and didn't like, as well as what aspects of a home were most important to us. 

Fast forward a couple months later and we were finally ready to start seriously looking! Jane was with us every step of the way. She helped us get our pre-approval rushed on Super Bowl Sunday!! Did not know such a short turnaround was possible. But then again, it's Jane. We could always count on her for an honest perspective, and it was clear that she always had our best interests in mind. When we were ready to make our first offer, she made herself readily available to answer any questions we had. And we had PLENTY of questions. We were on the phone almost every night the last few days leading up to the offer due date walking through all the different documents - making sure we understood everything that we were signing. When it came time to put down a number, she helped us make sure that we stayed within our budget AND not overpay. Even though we didn't ultimately end up getting the house, we felt ready to take on the next one.

One week later, we found our dream home that checked all the boxes! We were SO happy we waited. Jane worked with us closely over the next few days to put together a compelling offer. Everything came down to the wire. There were so many competing offers, but Jane pulled us through. This was just a few weeks ago, and even now, we're still pinching ourselves for reality checks 🙂 We had to meet a tight deadline for closing, and she made sure we knew exactly what we needed to do, when different things needed to get done, and helped coordinate with the various stakeholders to make sure everything went through on time. 

Could not have asked for a better first-time home buying experience. Came out of the whole process with our dream home, and a friend 🙂 Thank you Jane!.”

Ashley Yu

San Jose

“I just moved in my new home last week! As a first time home buyer, Jane's help is enormous. Among many things you would expect from a good realtor, here are a few to highlight: - Jane invests time to get to know me as a person, understand my interests and taste. She is not just helping me to acquire a piece of property but to find a place call home. We worked on and off over a period of 18 months. She offered her understanding and emotional support while I had to make such a financial decision by myself as a single woman without family in the area. - Jane is very efficient and familiar with processes. From the time I visited the property to when my offer was accepted, it was less than 24 hours. - Jane has excellent sense about the local market and negotiation strategy. Aside from the success of this transaction, we had followed a few transactions of property that I was interested in. They were all closed at the price range she expected. I am sure I am just one of many happy ending stories Jane created.”

Mei Zhang

Mountain View

"My husband & I had been discussing purchasing a bigger home for about 3 years but just the thought of putting up our house for sale and looking for a new home was just too daunting... until Jane came to help us not only to buy the house of our dreams but sell our beloved house in no time!

We could  not have done it without Jane! Our house went on the market in May and after the 1st week end of the open house, we were fortunate to have a very solid offer. It would not have happened without the guidance of Jane - we listened and got the results that we were both looking for! ... it was not easy for her as we are both busy with our professional lives and raising 2 young children but she set up a google calendar and took charge of ensuring that we hit every single milestones! Not only is she an awesome realtor, she is an awesome program manager!!

We were so worried about not being about to find our next house as we were getting discouraged with the locations, prices and strict criterias that we had. Let me tell you! Most realtors would have looked at our list and most likely ran away BUT the bigger the challenge, the harder Jane worked to get us our dream home... and she did it all with a smile (EVERY TIME) AND she got us our dream home in less than a month from selling our house! WOW!

If you are in the market for a realtor, we highly recommend Jane Shen! Not only will she get you the property that you want, she will always put you first! She listens, never made us feel like she was rushing us in making decisions, she even helped our daughter with her math homework when we were reading one of the offers and she read every single disclosures of houses that we were interested in! On a few occasions, she recommended that we not put offers because of red flags that she saw.

We already have friends interested in working with her, when the time comes for them to sell and buy another property. They were amazed at how quickly she was able to sell our house, sell the price that we were looking for in 1 week (!) and get us our dream home!

Thank you Jane! We’d work with you, again, in a heartbeat! … and most of all, THANK YOU for your patience! We know that it was not easy at times! Look no further... call Jane! You won't regret it! 🙂 "

Claire & Richard

Santa Clara & Cupertino

"Our family was very fortunate to have Jane as our agent. Our family had some very specific requirements that Jane was able to address and meet beyond our expectations. Three things that really set her apart:

1. Excellent communicator: Jane was always prompt in addressing our questions. She was  great at listening to our needs and understanding what we were looking for in a house.

2. Extremely prompt and on top of things: Jane was always really organized. She was always quick in sending us potential options and helped us stay organized to hit deadlines.

3. Very knowledgeable: From house hunting, to the escrow process, to recommending contractors and painters to refurbish the house after we purchased it, Jane had the answer.

Jane is your person. She will hustle for you, strive for the same goals your family has, and be your biggest advocator."

Janice J.


"I am writing this review to highly recommend working with Jane Shen when embarking on your search for a new home. As a first time home buyer, I was clueless about the process and flooded Jane with of all kinds of basic questions. She was always very calm, understanding, and responsive which made me feel more comfortable navigating the home search/buying process. I’ve no doubt that Jane works with many clients simultaneously, but I always felt like I was her top priority. Her years of experience and researching the market were evident when she recommended an offer that put me just ahead of the 2nd highest bidder without overbidding. Lastly, I won’t forget what Jane said to me when she gave me the keys to my new home. “Our relationship is no longer agent/client, we are friends now.” Thanks to Jane, I was able to find the perfect house for me. :)"

Jay Simpson

San Jose